date : 2011-09-20
  • Richfarm Builds up a New Plant Factory at Tainan, making a New Technology Milestone

The Plant Factory solution provider - Richfarm today announced to complete a new plant factory at Tainan, Taiwan. It is a 660 m2 scale, adopting new technology to provide better monitoring and control on growth factors such as temperature, humidity, light illumination, CO2 concentration, PH value and nutrients (fertilizers). The main goal is to further reduce growth cycle combining with improved planting measures. As a result, both vegetable appearance and taste can be enhanced. It is another technology milestone after completing the G5 greenhouse - Plant Factory at Jiangsu, China.

The test has two steps. The step 1 includes 25 species vegetables for test. We expect the new environment control technologies and planting measures can provide more precise monitoring and control on growth factors to shorten growth cycle to 15 -18 days. In parallel, vegetables can grow not only larger and pretty but tastier and juicier. As a result, it will totally change the stereotype of poor appearance and taste of organic vegetables.

The step 2 test will kick off soon and more species will be tested continuously. Richfarm plans to implement the new technology into our turnkey service in 2012 and provide more health and satisfaction to all of our clients.

About Richfarm

Richfarm is the WW leader in providing plant factory solution. It was founded in 2005 and devoted itself to develop an eco - friendly solution to enlarge vegetable supply efficiently to respond globally growing food demand driven by raising population and climate change. First of all, we adhere to follow plants’ natural evolution by natural planting way with sun, soil, water and air elements. Coupling with our proprietary environment control, indoor planting skills and green energy adoption, we are proud to provide a rapid, steady and clean production solution at a turnkey-service base. Most importantly, it has been proven mass productionable in multiple sites.

In our turnkey service, we provide an integrated supply from seed, seedling to vegetable. It not only enables vegetable sufficiency but also create a new compatibility with traditional outdoor planting. In parallel, the proprietary greenhouse design can reduce power and water consumption efficiently. According to the mass production experience at Taiwan, merely 3 kg water can exchange 1 kg vegetable with 120k kWh power consumption yearly. The annual yield can be guaranteed by 200 tons at a standard plant factory size - 3,300m2. Moreover, co-planting of over 50 species vegetables in one greenhouse has been proven and over 200 species have passed production test, available for choice.