date : 2010-12-20
  • Richfarm Complete New Plant Factory Construction at Jiangsu with New Milestone for Overseas Market Development

The Plant Factory solution provider - Rich Farm today announced to complete the 1st overseas plant factory set - up at Jiangsu, China. The new plant factory will be not only tested under harsher climate conditions but set a new milestone of overseas market development.

It is our first time to adopt green energy technology - solar power and rain reclaim system into Plant factory operation. The solar power can greatly reduce the reliance on traditional fossil energy and further reaches the goal of self - sufficient power. The rain reclaim system can reserve max. 660 tons water which can supply around 5 - year usage. Furthermore, the high temperature difference climate provides a great chance to prove the climate tolerance of Richfarm plant factory.

The 20KW installed capacity of the solar power system is planned to generate 22k kWh power annually, which is able to meet the yearly power demand of the plant factory. Meanwhile, the rain reclaim system can supply enough water for yearly consumption if rainfall can reach 200mm high. Both tests results would help further reduce concerns of the selections of plant factory location and climate.

At Jiangsu, the temperature at summer can be up to 50゚C and down to -15゚Cin winter time. Under both extreme temperatures, traditional outdoor planting stops growing or even cannot survive. But it is a critical reason for us to choose it to prove the much more flexibility in the location and climate selection of our plant factory. Regularly the growing temperature of leaf vegetables is within 18 - 28゚C. It would stop growing under 10゚C and wither above 35゚C. Richfarm plant factory has completed the low temp. test to maintain inside temp. at 4C while -10~ -15゚C outside by our well-controlled structure design. Combing with our unique planting skills, our vegetables can still grow normally. The other test of high temp. will be done in next July - Sep..

In order to respond the globally growing food demand driven by raising population and climate change, Richfarm is devoted itself to develop an eco - friendly solution to enlarge vegetable supply efficiently. First of all, we adhere to follow plants’ natural evolution in natural planting way with sun, soil, water and air elements. Coupling with our proprietary environment control, indoor planting skills and green energy adoption, we are proud to provide a rapid, steady and clean production solution by turnkey - service base. Most importantly, it has been proven mass productionable in multiple sites.

In our turnkey service, we provide an integrated supply from seed, seedling to vegetable. It not only enables vegetable sufficiency but also create a new compatibility with traditional outdoor planting. In parallel, the proprietary greenhouse design can reduce power and water consumption efficiently. According to the mass production experience at Taiwan, merely 3 kg water can exchange 1 kg vegetable with 120k kWh power consumption yearly. The annual yield can be guaranteed by 200 tons by a standard plant factory size - 3,300m2. Moreover, co - planting of over 50 species vegetables in one greenhouse has been proven and over 200 species have passed production test, available for choice.

Richfarm redefines the destiny of agriculture by high technology adoption and substantial agricultural experience from Taiwan. We started to explore overseas markets since 2010 and have gotten numerous recognitions by the turnkey-solution service and mass production proven experiences. In the following 5 years, we are ready to reshape the future!